I'm feeling scared of rejection

Putting myself out there, whether for projects, new jobs or new relationships, scares the shit out of me. Rejection is not an option.

In the Moment

Rejection is scary, but it’s also totally normal.


Always ask for feedback, and remind yourself that there’s always another opportunity just around the corner.


“The 9 things I’ve learnt about mental health from working in the creative industries”, by Holly Kielty

Actionable tips for confronting anxiety in the creative industry, from Holly Kielty, Creative Strategy Director at Design Bridge.


From removing barriers to success and being comfortable with being vulnerable, to asking for help and looking after that brain of yours – these are some great eye-openers for those who might be struggling right now.


The Struggle Bus Podcast

Best friends Kate and Sally discuss literally everything under the sun – mental health, work, fridges, spoons, scientology, the list goes on.


They also answer listener-submitted questions in every episode, which is a nice touch.


Podcasts are so insanely popular nowadays, that it’s easy to miss gems like this one – discover some more of our mood-boosting podcast favourites by heading to the resources section and searching for ‘podcast’.


Life Lessons from 100-Year-Olds

Meet Cliff, Emelia, and John. They’re all made it past the 100-year-old mark, and they’ve got a few observations to share about the years they’ve lived.


Learn how to appreciate life and let go of guilt and sadness in this short interview exploring the lives of three centenarians.


Take Note of Your Breakthroughs

A handy technique we’ve used before, to remind ourselves of how great we really are.


Write down a list of all your positive, breakthrough moments, and then write down the times you failed or were rejected. You’ll start to notice a pattern between the two, often pointing toward the success you found due to the failures you’ve endured.

It’s ok to feel sad or angry about rejection, but you can learn from these moments to grow as a person and to spur you on to your next success.


In-person Conversation

With multiple lockdowns and lack of social contact, everyone’s feeling a little lonelier than usual. Nothing quite replaces good old-fashioned in-person quality time. When you’re (legally) able to, reach out to someone and spend some time with them – talk about anything you’d like and enjoy being in the company of another human being.


The simple act of talking to someone face to face about how you feel, or about literally anything else, can go a long way in relieving depression, and keeping that bastard away.