I'm feeling scared of failure

I'm worried that anything I start will end up in failure. Thinking about my ideas, efforts or relationships being scrutinised scares me.

In the Moment

Failure is a fact of life.


The most successful people are often the ones who have failed the most. Start to reframe your relationship with failure, and grow from your mistakes.


Anxy Magazine

Lovely-looking magazine looking to undo some of the many stigmas surrounding mental health. Recent themes include ‘Masculinity’ and ‘Workaholism’.


If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of work to thumb through whilst also learning a thing or two about the realities and struggles of others, then Anxy Magazine is for you.


Grounded with Louis Theroux Podcast (with Ruby Wax)

An insightful chat between everyone’s favourite documentarian, Louis Theroux, and mental health campaigner, author and comedian, Ruby Wax.


Honest discussions of envy, jealousy and overcoming struggles.


Check out the rest of the series, too. It’s really good.


Manchester by the Sea, on Amazon Prime

Starring the younger Affleck brother, this moving film explores one mans depression and grief and how he turns this into a positive.


Although the protagonist suffers a profound loss, it’s one of those movies that makes you realise that if you persevere, even the largest obstacles are able to be overcome.


You may cry, but the underlying sentiment is overwhelmingly positive and will sit with you for a while.


The film was widely considered one of the best films of 2016, and Casey Affleck won a Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role. So, don’t just take our word for it, everyone else loved it too.


How to Challenge Your Negative Beliefs

Identify the negative beliefs you have about yourself, then challenge them. Instead of just letting them wash over you, confront them head-on.


Try writing down a few things that you know challenge these negative beliefs – could be anything from something nice someone has said about you, to a positive personal trait – and stick this list somewhere you’ll see it.


Keep adding to this list. It’ll get really long. And it’ll feel really good.


You could even frame your list, the opportunities are truly endless.


Talk to Someone Familiar

It feels good to speak your feelings, but it can be hard to do.


Reach out to someone you know. A colleague, a friend or a family member. Then get your frustration or your worries off your chest.


Keeping these feelings in often just makes things worse, but talking about them can help you rationalise the issues and either address or move forward from them.