I'm feeling scared of failure

I'm worried that anything I start will end up in failure. Thinking about my ideas, efforts or relationships being scrutinised scares me.

In the Moment

Failure is a fact of life.


The most successful people are often the ones who have failed the most. Start to reframe your relationship with failure, and grow from your mistakes.


On Dealing with Creative Anxiety (Zine)

A zine published by The Creative Independent, compiling quotes, excerpts, and recommendations from working artists.


Topics covered include working with fear, de-stressing, challenging your own ideas of failure, staying healthy, dealing with rejection, and channelling anxiety into creative work.


You can download the zine for free, or request a free print version – details on their website via the link below.


The Calmer You Podcast

Hypnotherapist Chloe Bretheridge is on a mission to calm your brain down.




Have a listen to her massive catalogue of episodes, featuring some fantastic interviewees plus suggestions and hacks for building confidence, being happier and ‘quieting your inner critic’.


Guests on the podcast come from the world of mental health, personal development, nutrition, medicine and many more – so there should hopefully be lots of these episodes that you find useful in some way or another.


‘Anxious as Anything’ on Instagram

Anxious as Anything is a fun, honest, colourful account exploring all things anxiety and self doubt. With popping graphics and much needed positive reminders, Anxious as Anything encourage open conversation and vulnerability around anxiety and depression.


They’ve also recently begun hosting their own events (online, for now) and have a dedicated section on their site for accessing further info and resources.


Give ’em a follow why don’t ya.


How to Challenge Your Negative Beliefs

Identify the negative beliefs you have about yourself, then challenge them. Instead of just letting them wash over you, confront them head-on.


Try writing down a few things that you know challenge these negative beliefs – could be anything from something nice someone has said about you, to a positive personal trait – and stick this list somewhere you’ll see it.


Keep adding to this list. It’ll get really long. And it’ll feel really good.


You could even frame your list, the opportunities are truly endless.


Get a Mentor

Many find getting some sort of mentor can make a huge difference to your motivation to learn and grow.


Reach out to someone inspirational that you know, or approach someone you don’t know, through social channels like LinkedIn and Instagram, and ask them for a chat.