I'm feeling like my mind is racing

I feel like there are million things whizzing round my head, and I can't focus in and figure out what each of those things are.

In the Moment

We all know that feeling.

Take a minute to stop what you’re doing completely, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and settle your mind and body.


Anxy Magazine

Lovely-looking magazine looking to undo some of the many stigmas surrounding mental health. Recent themes include ‘Masculinity’ and ‘Workaholism’.


If you’re looking for a beautiful piece of work to thumb through whilst also learning a thing or two about the realities and struggles of others, then Anxy Magazine is for you.


Calm (App)

Calm rocketed to fame and became the most popular app of its kind a few years ago, and although they’ve got competition from the likes of Headspace, they’ve remained highly popular. Offering techniques and resources for meditation, sleep, mindfulness and much more, Calm also offer a great selection of physical exercises via video, all to help you feel calmer and more connected.


Well worth a look if you’re searching for a first step into the world of mindfulness.


Like Headspace, Calm is free to try, but if you want access to the full app you’ll have to pay a fee.


Headspace Guide to Meditation, on Netflix

Headspace Guide to Meditation is a new Netflix show, narrated by the gentle voice of Headspace co-founder and ex-Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe.


If you’re new to meditation and mindfulness, this show gives you the tools and guidance to start the journey to a calmer you. It also includes some lovely animations, which are super relaxing to watch as you slowly unwind.


Perfect viewing before bed or after work.


Take Slow, Deep Breaths

The feelings of overwhelm and anxiety get you “amped up”, increasing your heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, stress hormones, muscle tension, and other physiologically damaging effects to your mind-body system.


One of the best ways to counteract this sensation is to take slow deep breaths. Breathing techniques help you to regulate your body’s energy levels and can profoundly soothe your mind and body when you’re feeling overwhelmed.


Breathe in for five seconds, hold for five seconds, breathe out for five seconds. Repeat.


The Mental Health Foundation

This is the organisation behind Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, and have spent decades conducting research, providing support and running community schemes.


Note here that they don’t have a support line or chat function – their focus is on finding practical solutions to help with prevention, so check them out if you’re looking for useful resources and information, and engage with their content on social media.