I'm feeling like an Imposter

I have no idea what I'm doing. There are so many other people I can think of right now that should be in my position.

In the Moment

Most people experience moments of doubt, and that’s normal. The important part is not to let that doubt control your actions.


The Secret Thoughts Of Successful Women: Why Capable People Suffer from the Impostor Syndrome and How to Thrive in Spite of It

Don’t worry chaps, this one’s for you, too. Valerie Young, expert on imposter syndrome, lays out the facts when it comes to feeling like you’re blagging it, and creating success from this place of doubt.


Written by Valerie Young.


The Struggle Bus Podcast

Best friends Kate and Sally discuss literally everything under the sun – mental health, work, fridges, spoons, scientology, the list goes on.


They also answer listener-submitted questions in every episode, which is a nice touch.


Podcasts are so insanely popular nowadays, that it’s easy to miss gems like this one – discover some more of our mood-boosting podcast favourites by heading to the resources section and searching for ‘podcast’.


How to Know Yourself

Another brilliant video from The School of Life, giving some great context and tips around topics of self-worth, connecting with your emotions, and knowing and being true to yourself.


How to Change Your Internal Perceptions

When you feel overwhelmed, try to focus on reframing the experience and see it from a different angle. Considering different interpretations of the situation often helps you take things less seriously and minimises the risk of overthinking things.


That drowning, overwhelmed feeling begins with perception. Perceptions are subjective interpretations of situations and events. How you perceive things determines how the situation will affect you.


If you perceive something to be inherently negative, you’re far more likely to have a bad time or be worried about it. So, flip this, and go into situations with an open and accepting mentality, seeing the situation from more than one angle and boosting your chances of having a great experience.


Practice this with the things you are afraid of or dislike, and who knows, your feelings might just change.


Your thoughts and feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed by life have an expiration date.


Ask Your Grandma for Advice

It’s a well known, scientifically proven* fact, that nobody can do wrong in their grandma’s eyes. Every grandchild should be aware of this.


So, if you feel scared or anxious, grannies tend to come in handy – give ’em a ding. They’re wise, they’re experienced, and they love a good chinwag.


You can also volunteer your time to speak with elderly people over the phone through various charities, helping to make them feel less alone whilst also giving you the opportunity to ask them for advice too. A win-win situation we think.


At Nalla, some of us have volunteered with Age UK before to do just this, via their Telephone Befriender scheme.


*not quite scientifically proven.