I'm feeling guilty

Others have been through far more than I have. I feel bad for even feeling bad.

In the Moment

Shit happens.


It’s pointless feeling guilty about something you can’t change. Instead, think about what you’d do differently next time.


If you’re unsure where the guilt is even coming from, then it usually means you have no reason to feel guilty in the first place. Have a think about how you could boost your self-confidence and train yourself to be able to look at mistakes as a learning curve, not a failure.


Reasons to Stay Alive

You’ve probably heard of this fella before, but if not, then get to know.


The book serves as a memoir-esque story of how Matt came from the depths of despair and depression, to learning how to live and love once again.


His other books are great too.


Written by Matt Haig.


The Heart Podcast

An audio art project about intimacy and humanity. This critically acclaimed podcast and website are run by an all-female team of writers, artists and radio makers.


“Personal documentary work about bodies, love, power dynamics, and all of the invisible things in the air between humans.”


How To Actually Get Things Done (Implementation Intentions)

Everyone has had those sudden moments where they think “I’m going to change my ways, I’m going to do that tomorrow” and then the next day they wake up and decide “actually, nah I’ll do it another time”. It’s easy to do.


Common examples of these broken promises to ourselves would be; packing in the cigs, mustering the courage and mental perseverance to get a membership at the gym, waking up before 4:30pm on a Saturday. It’s easy to slip into a rhythm, one that might be stopping you from what you genuinely want to achieve.


This >10-minute video sets out was of actually doing things you set out to do, to get rid of unnecessary guilt and adopt positive and productive habits. Implementation intentions might just help you get that thing done.


How to Change Your Internal Perceptions

When you feel overwhelmed, try to focus on reframing the experience and see it from a different angle. Considering different interpretations of the situation often helps you take things less seriously and minimises the risk of overthinking things.


That drowning, overwhelmed feeling begins with perception. Perceptions are subjective interpretations of situations and events. How you perceive things determines how the situation will affect you.


If you perceive something to be inherently negative, you’re far more likely to have a bad time or be worried about it. So, flip this, and go into situations with an open and accepting mentality, seeing the situation from more than one angle and boosting your chances of having a great experience.


Practice this with the things you are afraid of or dislike, and who knows, your feelings might just change.


Your thoughts and feelings of being emotionally overwhelmed by life have an expiration date.


Anxiety UK

Well-known charity providing support if you have been diagnosed with an anxiety condition.


Phone: 03444 775 774 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm)