I'm feeling afraid of the unknown

When I can't see a clear path, it leaves me worrying about what could be at the end of it.

In the Moment

When you are afraid of the unknown, focus on the good that could be, not on the bad that might be.


Anxiety-Shmanxiety Blog

Tanya J. Peterson is the woman behind Anxiety-Shmanxiety, and she has a massive collection of articles, videos and resources to help with common feelings of fear, anxiety and stress.


The article linked below is about how anxiety seeks out problems and distorts reality, and is well worth a quick read.


Check out the rest of the site if you’re looking to add more to your bank of informative advice on mental health.


Grounded with Louis Theroux Podcast (with Ruby Wax)

An insightful chat between everyone’s favourite documentarian, Louis Theroux, and mental health campaigner, author and comedian, Ruby Wax.


Honest discussions of envy, jealousy and overcoming struggles.


Check out the rest of the series, too. It’s really good.


‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’, on Netflix

One of the late chef’s most popular shows, and a favourite of ours.


Let yourself be transported to all four corners of the globe and imagine you’re existing there with all the sights, sounds and smells. By imagining you are somewhere else, it’s easier to allow the stresses and anxiety that you may be feeling right now to slowly wash away.


Inspiring, relaxing stuff.


Get Rid of Hypothetical Negatives

Hypotheticals are the worst.


It’s tricky we know, but try to shift your mindset from one that focusses on hypothetical negatives, to one that focusses on realistic positives.


If you go into situations, projects or ideas with a focus on what you can’t know or control, then all effort that should be spent on making great outcomes possible is wasted.


Focus on the positives that are possible, not on the negatives that could hypothetically happen.


Talk to Someone Familiar

It feels good to speak your feelings, but it can be hard to do.


Reach out to someone you know. A colleague, a friend or a family member. Then get your frustration or your worries off your chest.


Keeping these feelings in often just makes things worse, but talking about them can help you rationalise the issues and either address or move forward from them.