I'm afraid of the unexpected

Whatever it is I'm aiming for, I'm constantly thinking of how it could go wrong - it's hard to remain positive when I'm unsure of what the future holds.

In the Moment

You can’t predict the future, so instead of worrying about things possibly turning out differently to how you expect, just focus on what you’re doing in the moment.


Anxiety Empire Magazine

Anxiety Empire is a fledgeling publication with one simple message; “Mental health. It is not just an issue for the individual. It’s an issue of society, and how we live our lives.”


Each issue of Anxiety Empire focusses in on specific parts of society and modern life, and then explore how these affect and impact mental health. For their inaugural issue, they’ve chosen the world of media – you can order this issue online, totally free of charge.


If you’re looking for some further inspo, check out Anxiety Empire’s Instagram account.


Athletico Mince Podcast

Bob Mortimer and Andy Townsend host one of the weirdest, tangent-filled extravaganza’s of (mainly improvised) comedy ever created.


If you were feeling any kind of way before listening, you’ll be sure to feel about 20,000 times better (and perhaps slightly confused) afterwards.


Chaos in all the right places.


Yuki Kawae on Instagram

Yuki creates sand art, and films it as he goes.


Check it out if you’re wanting something satisfying and soothing to occupy your brain for 15 minutes.


Accept Failure

Accept the possibility of failure, and accept that it’s ok to fail. Once failure is ‘OK’ in your mind, and you’ve accepted it’s a possibility, it will seem much easier to manage. Some of our favourite projects have been riddled with setbacks, but if they hadn’t happened, then chances are those projects wouldn’t be our favourites anymore.


Failure isn’t inherently bad, and it’s a fact of life. Thanks to failure, we know how to improve and move on.


Look at failure as a learning curve and an opportunity to improve, not a daunting setback.


In-person Conversation

With multiple lockdowns and lack of social contact, everyone’s feeling a little lonelier than usual. Nothing quite replaces good old-fashioned in-person quality time. When you’re (legally) able to, reach out to someone and spend some time with them – talk about anything you’d like and enjoy being in the company of another human being.


The simple act of talking to someone face to face about how you feel, or about literally anything else, can go a long way in relieving depression, and keeping that bastard away.